Feature Improvement: Phases

Feature Improvement: Phases What’s happening?  We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates to ProWorkflow. These changes are all about giving you better insights and a more modular control over your workflows. Let’s dive into what’s new and how it can enhance your experience. You may recall that recently, we made an improvement to our Header […]

Feature Improvement: Project Page Layout Settings

What’s happening? We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates to ProWorkflow. These changes are all about giving you greater control and making navigation even more straightforward. Let’s dive into what’s new and how it can enhance your experience. What’s in It for You? This update is about giving you that extra level of control and […]

New Feature Announcement: Recurring Projects & Scheduled Sending for Reports

*Please note the official release date is the 25th of September. What’s happening? In fantastic news, the ‘Recurring Projects’ app is being integrated into our main tool! In even better news, similar functionality has been lent to the Reports tab; saved reports can now be sent to any listed contact on a repeated basis. What […]

What is work management and does my company need it?

Work management is gaining traction in the business world as leaders look to create more efficient and holistic approaches to project management. If you are looking to accomplish tasks faster, with less stress, and with greater accuracy, work management is not necessarily better than project management, but does entail a different set of tools for […]

Roadmaps in project management: Tools you can use

When you are planning a cross-country jaunt, road maps are a critical piece of gear. They show you where you are going, attractions along the way, possible areas of danger, and suggest logical places for a stop or a break. They don’t show every single road, exit, or crossroads you will pass, but they give […]

5 tips to improve your project management in 2021

Project management drives many organizations, and if your project management skills are weak your entire team and even your bottom line could be suffering. Project management tools and skills are what holds your team together, guides you toward goals, keeps you on budget, keeps you on schedule, drives positive results, and keeps you on track […]

Project management tools for professional services: What to look for

Whether your team is composed of architects, accountants, engineer, doctors, lawyers, or teachers — or a combination of all of the above — an effective project management tool can mean the difference between smooth, on-budget workflows and chaotic assignment systems that miss deadlines and upset customers. Professional services face unique challenges and demand creative solutions […]

Top Tips to Nail the Project Kick-off Meeting

There seems to be a consensus that kick-off meetings are rather important to bring a project to a successful end. We agree. A good start to the project is the most important thing you can do, to nail a project.  Typically, you’ll find a list of steps you need to tick off during the Kick-off […]

How to avoid Task Dependencies from going Wrong in 7 Easy Steps

Benjamin Franklin understood that time is the most precious resource when managing a project. That’s probably because he knows a thing or two about deadlines.  He famously said:   “You may delay, but time will not.”  His project? Get the Declaration of Independence signed before the English set foot on the American shores. If there ever […]