Streamline Billing and Invoicing

Adapt to every billing need and automate your invoicing process. Whether it’s recurring invoices, billing for time and expenses, or fixed-fee project invoicing, tailor your approach seamlessly. 

Flexible Invoicing Options

Craft invoices directly from a project or via the Invoice Tab, with the flexibility to generate them based on project milestones, completed tasks, specific clients, or initial quotes, ensuring a tailored approach to your billing needs.

Invoice reporting

Enhance Billing Forecasts

Gain precise insight into your invoiced amounts and pending billables. Develop a comprehensive forecast for upcoming work to secure consistent cash flow and financial stability.

Seamless Integrations for Efficient Billing

After generating an invoice, leverage our direct integration to effortlessly transfer it to your accounting software, streamlining the payment process with your clients for a smoother financial workflow.

Send Invoice to Clients

Effortless Client Communication

Easily send detailed invoice reports to clients, including all project-related expenses, to maintain transparency and keep them informed about the billing process.

Frequently asked questions

How do the Quoted hours become Job hours once the job is accepted?

Want to minimize double handling of Quoted work once it has become an approved job? Build your Quote to include tasks, service, and item rates. Add allocated time to these tasks, and once a Quote is approved, use these Quoted details to create a Project instantly, which will contain all the tasks, time, and start/due dates.

You can get more details from our video about the Quotes.

In ProWorkflow, we have a quoting tool that can create quotes detailing proposed jobs and contains an itemized breakdown of said jobs.

Every quote will be attributed to a client, so it will be easy to see the total value for proposed jobs and how each of your clients contributes to that total value.

You can use our reports to focus on unapproved and pending quotes. So, this way, you can track your upcoming project value.

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