Feature Improvement: Phases

What’s happening

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates to ProWorkflow. These changes are all about giving you better insights and a more modular control over your workflows. Let’s dive into what’s new and how it can enhance your experience.

You may recall that recently, we made an improvement to our Header Tasks that involved them collating information related to their task order. For example, Header Task 1 would show things like total time tracked or total budget burned etc for Tasks 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.

While a step in the right direction, we've recognised that ultimately it wasn't quite enough. While they did show summary data, there were two big limitations. The first is that this was a calculation made on the project page, and not data written into the task itself. While that might not seem immediately inconvenient, it did mean that showing these values in a report is not possible. The second big issue this function was built into Header Tasks, which fundamentally are still tasks. This can be an awkward vehicle for what is more functionally a grouping option, for example, reporting exclusively on a certain group of tasks.

Introducing Phases

From now on, Header Tasks will exist separately from tasks, allowing you to compare project Phases. From a functional perspective, this means that you will have different buttons for creating both tasks and header tasks. It also means that when it comes to reporting, we’ll have distinct filtering options that are directly tied to the Header Task field itself. For instance, you may have a ‘Phase One’ built into your project templates. You may want to see how efficiently you were able to complete the phase across a number of projects.

Additionally, you will be able to compare projects phases across all of ProWorkflow. Anywhere you can find your header tasks, you’ll be able to see their summary information also. The biggest impact will be in reports, where you’ll now be able to solely use header tasks to show this summary information without also needing to show every single task and time record. The Phases feature will be a nice middle ground between looking at every single task and summary information relating to the entire project.




When might I use the Phases feature?

  • Marketing Industry: Evaluate the overall performance of annual campaigns by tracking total time spent, budget allocation, and burn rate across different marketing channels.
  • Consultancies: Gain insights into the performance of client engagements by summarizing time, budget, and burn data for each phase, aiding in project evaluation and client satisfaction.
  • Construction: Monitor the progress of building projects by aggregating data on time, budget, and burn rate for key construction phases, facilitating better project management and resource allocation.


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Feature Improvement: Phases​