Master Time Management

Transform time tracking into a fundamental aspect of your team’s daily practice. Assess time utilization, identify opportunities for enhancement, and refine operational workflows to minimize unbillable tasks, thereby maximizing your most valuable resource—time.

Timeline Visualization

PWF’s Gantt chart offers a clear visual overview of project timelines and management. Utilize filters to highlight essential data.

Streamline team efficiency by managing and adjusting tasks directly on the timeline, with simple drag-and-drop rescheduling.

Color-coded bars provide immediate insight into project and task statuses, enabling a quick grasp of the team’s schedule.

Gantt charts
Time Locking and Approvals

Unlock Time Allocation Insights

Deepen your understanding of team efficiency and financial health by monitoring the distribution of time between billable and non-billable tasks. Analyze which activities, clients, and projects consume the majority of your team’s efforts, leveraging this intelligence to enhance both time management and skill application.

Enhanced Time Tracking with ProWorkflow

Time Entry Solutions:

  • Real-time tracking with a live time tracker
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop and standard time sheet entries
  • Task-specific manual time logging
  • On-the-go tracking via the mobile app
Time Tracking
Task management

Prevent burnout

Identify potential resource gaps early and make informed choices about outsourcing or recruitment to maintain workload equilibrium. Ensure a consistent flow of tasks to keep your team engaged without overburdening them.

Frequently asked questions

How can I find how many hours I have assigned each of my staff members each week?

ProWorkflow offers functionality to an overview of both staff workload and staff availability for your resource management. With our help, you get the ability to pre-determine who is in the best place to complete a project and/or task.

The workload is determined by an 8hr workday. It considers tasks assigned with a start and due date and an amount of time allocated to the task. Our workload function will show you the total amount of hours allocated to a staff member daily, leaving the opportunity to distribute work correctly the first time.

Our free Availability App works cohesively with your account to identify dates containing available time displayed in an easy-to-view format with the option to export to Excel.

Keeping up with your co-workers is as easy as changing the view of your account from My Work to a specific staff member or better All Staff view. All Staff view allows you to see the Projects and Tasks of your co-workers. Having access to see other staff’s workload makes resource and time management easier.

Please note: To view other staff work, you’ll require access to the Contacts page.

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