Maximize Team Efficiency and Revenue

Strategically plan and predict resource needs to optimize team utilization. Proactively secure additional projects to maintain full engagement and preemptively resolve any potential staffing gaps to ensure seamless operations.

Valuing Your Key Assets

We recognize that your staff, clients, and contractors are your most critical assets, referred to as “resource personnel.” Manage them effectively through various means such as detailed reporting and tailored permission settings to optimize their contributions.

User permissions

Streamlined Team Management

With granular roles and permission sets, users can focus on their work while managers can get a ‘birds-eye’ view on the work in progress.

Enhanced Resource Management

Remain informed and proactive, even away from the primary application, with our supplementary tools:

  • Weekly Workload App: Provides a comprehensive preview of the upcoming week’s workload.
  • Availability Checker App: Quickly determine the availability of team members for task assignments.
Workload management

Frequently asked questions

I need a seamless flow between my quotes and projects

It’s our goal to reduce your admin time by as much as we can. We don’t want you feeling like you’ve got to type the same data out twice.

That’s why in ProWorkflow, we’ve enabled you to create Projects with itemized task lists that are directly based on what items you had in your quote. Following on, you can do the same thing while you create your invoices!

Projects Page You can create a category called Events and add all your Events there as Projects. While you are on the Projects Page, you can also consider tags to identify your events among the other projects.

Task Page You can create a category Events under the General tasks as these events don’t belong to a project, and add them there. And if the event is a task in a project, you can use tags to identity it.

Time page Use filters to identify events on a calendar and timeline.

Reports Reports can be generated using filters to identify Events.

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