Enhance IT Project Management

Integrate sales and finance aspects into your IT projects for a comprehensive overview, ensuring full visibility into resource allocation and project profitability.

Simplify Large Project Management

Effortlessly oversee even substantial projects by maintaining a comprehensive grasp of all details. Utilize tasks as milestones for larger initiatives and enable notifications to remind you of impending deadlines, ensuring timely completion.

Overall Project View
Manage work on mobile

Deliver Excellence On-the-Go

With ProWorkflow’s mobile app, manage and deliver top-quality work from anywhere. Stay connected and in control, whether in the field or on the move, ensuring your projects never skip a beat.

Data Security Assured

With ProWorkflow, your data’s security is our top priority. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure and reliable data centers globally, your information is safeguarded at all times. This unwavering commitment to data protection is why numerous organizations place their trust in ProWorkflow.

Data security

Focus on Key Metrics

Streamline your monitoring process by aggregating all essential KPIs and metrics into comprehensive dashboards. Tailor these to align with personal, team, or organizational objectives. Enhance responsiveness with custom alerts, ensuring you always concentrate on what’s crucial for success.

Frequently asked questions

Can I retrieve specific data from ProWorkflow?

With our reporting system, you’ll be able to retrieve any data you might require. Whether you need to report based on when something started/finished, you need to see what was worked on in a certain period or you need to see a set of tasks based on your customized tags, ProWorkflow will have an option for you.

Tasks can be linked in the Gantt Chart using Task Dependencies. Select the blue circle when hovering over the task in the Gantt chart. Hold the click and link that task to the one that needs to be linked to it.

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