How to Start an Overwhelming Project?

Have you ever been asked what your favorite part of being a project manager is? We’re guessing that you’ll answer that no two projects are the same. The people involved in your project change all the time. You constantly learn new things and everything has its ups and downs. I think it’s fair to say that […]

Top Tips to Improve your Marketing Project Management

As much as we hate to say it, thе mаrkеting induѕtrу is notorious for being cut throat, аnd ѕuссеѕѕ iѕ hard-earned.  Standing out in a world that is rapidly changing is difficult for anybody.  Competing with multinational competitors that have bottomless budgets means we need to be smarter. Clients think they know what they want… until they change their minds. It’s fair to say […]

How to manage Scope Creep in Project Management

Scope Creep is the stuff Project Management nightmares are made of. Project Managers don’t like scope creep because it makes the project and everything that goes with it (budget, resources, client expectations, timeline, etc.) utterly unpredictable.  What is Scope Creep?  PMI defines scope creep as ‘Adding additional features or functions of a new product, requirements, or work that is not […]

History of Project Management Software

Project management goes a long way back.  It’s mindboggling when you consider the complexity a project such as the Great Pyramid of Giza must have been. The pyramids were designed roughly around 2570 BC, and people are still arguing how they completed such a huge project.  The Great Wall of China is no different. It was developed in 208 BC. We […]

Why the Critical Path in your Project Management Software is important.

One of the less discussed features in a good project managers arsenal is the ‘Critical Path’ of a Project. That’s probably because we don’t tend to spend too much time calculating the critical path by hand but rather we consult it as a part of the Gantt Chart in our Project Management Software. It doesn’t make it any less […]

What are the Project Management Needs for a Small Business?

For most small business, money matters.  A minute mistake can have big consequence and prioritizing where the money is most useful is always on the agenda.  In many small business owner’s minds, it’s tempting to do jobs yourself and get for free what you can’t do. Sometimes this free option is totally adequate. But sometimes it’s an excellent […]

How Kaizen Helps you Boost Efficiency in Project Management

Here’s a thought: how fantastic would it be to boost efficiency in project management in a very straight-forward manner,  simply through taking a slightly different approach and through consistently applying a tried and tested method for improvement? A few weeks ago, while reading up on risk management in project management, I was reminded of the Kaizen Methodology. While widespread and […]

5 Critical Things you should do to manage Risk in Project Management

Risk management is and should be an integrative part of project management. It’s so crucial, many companies will throw in a few questions during an interview with a potential new project manager. They want to make sure he or she has got their ducks in a row when it comes to avoiding risks that can have massive […]

The Secret to Being a Happy Project Manager

It’s the time of the year for New Year’s resolutions.  One of the ultimate ones we all strive for is happiness. I doubt there is a reliable census out there that accurately tells us what percentage of people love their job. But really, does it matter what the statistics are about how the rest of […]