The benefits of ProWorkflow for Project Management teams

Keep your team and the entire company on track and under budget with all your project details, communication, files and invoicing in the same place with ProWorkflow.

Avoid delays with project priorities organized on one page.

With a color-coded and organized dashboard, you can monitor the progress of active, completed, and upcoming work and easily adjust schedules to make sure the team finishes on time.
Recent messages

Build strong communication within your team.

Chat with your team, clients and contractors all in one space. Through our contact and messaging features, you can discuss ideas within the project, delegate tasks with ease and control who sees your messages.

Save time with ready-to-go templates.

Time is of the essence. From projects to invoices, use ProWorkflow templates to streamline your processes and help your team get to their work faster.
Gantt Chart

Lead the way with Gantt Chart Timelines.

When priorities change, use the drag and drop interface to manage your tasks and reschedule. You can also use the timeline view to see tasks that need urgent attention.

Plan out your work logically.

With color-coded bars that identify the status of your projects, you can manage your resources and deadlines efficiently.
Internal Projects

Easily manage your workload.

Use the Active Staff View to see who’s logged in and how they’re performing. You can also use the Workload Breakdown Report to review time spent on tasks so you can call on the right people to help ease the load.

View the schedule in an instant

Check overdue tasks, assign them and regulate the project. Your team can also set up live alerts to ensure that deadlines won’t be missed.

Time tracked

Track time with maximum control and flexibility.

Avoid repetitive timesheets by entering times in bulk using the direct entry screen. Moving time entries around is made easy with the drag and drop functionality.

Manage your files the way you want.

Upload your files into custom folders, task folders or project folders. You can even customize the access for your team, clients and contractors to easily keep track of documentation.

File Manager

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an easy view of my teams’ tasks for the week or a schedule?

ProWorkflow offers a Timeline view of Projects and Tasks, located on the Time page. It’s an interactive Gantt chart, with a fully customizable range of Project and Task filters, including date range, staff member, contractor, start/due date, and plenty more. This chart is formed from the tasks assigned to staff members with a start date, due date, and allocated time.

You can get more information from our YouTube video and from our Help Center.

ProWorkflows Time entry and Timesheet approval functions allow for your time-tracked data to be stored and reported by way of using any of our many filters. It’s easy to export and import into another third-party system (for example, a payroll account).

In ProWorkflow, there are a few ways how you can do the scheduling.

Our two apps – Availability checker and Weekly workload (free-to-use) give you a week’s view of who’s available and what the workload is like per staff.

Within the apps, you can view the same information while adding a task template every time you start a new project.

And finally, on the overall Timeline page, you can view the workload of each staff based on the time allocated to them. Please see the video about this feature.

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