Focus on Key Performance Metrics

Obtain a holistic view of your resource allocation and financial health to derive actionable insights. Use this valuable information to make informed strategic choices and enhance your overall business efficiency.

Enhance Performance with Focused Analytics

Access comprehensive report templates crafted by experts, spanning areas like productivity, utilization, revenue, costs, profitability, and sales. Leverage these key insights to fine-tune and elevate your business operations.

Built-in report features

Streamlined Reporting Tools

Dive into ProWorkflow’s Standard Reports for comprehensive insights on workload, performance, and key metrics spanning projects, tasks, time, team, clients, and finances. These ready-to-use reports are fully customizable, encouraging you to tailor and save them to meet your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to explore and experiment!

Enhanced Report Management

Secure your reports with dynamic date ranges to ensure that each time you access them, you’re greeted with the most current data. Utilize the Favorites feature to keep your most crucial custom reports at the forefront. For added convenience, export your tailored reports directly to Excel or PDF formats, or share insights instantly via email.

Report Scheduling

Frequently asked questions

I need to know when a project I’m assigned to is completed

When a user completes a task or project, they should click on the “Complete” button. You will get a notification about this event as you are assigned to the project.

It’s our goal to reduce your admin time by as much as we can. We don’t want you feeling like you’ve got to type the same data out twice.

That’s why in ProWorkflow, we’ve enabled you to create Projects with itemized task lists that are directly based on what items you had in your quote. Following on, you can do the same thing while you create your invoices!

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