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The Genesis of ProWorkflow

In 2002, a gap in the market for a comprehensive project management solution led our founder to create ProWorkflow.

Born from a need to enhance internal operations and communication, ProWorkflow quickly demonstrated its value, transforming our workflow and sparking the realization of its potential for businesses everywhere.

Tailored to meet the diverse demands of the professional landscape, ProWorkflow has since been the cornerstone of efficiency and reliability.

We optimize
for everyone

Our Mission

At ProWorkflow, we are committed to elevating your business to its pinnacle of productivity, organization, and communication. Our goal is to foster an environment of accountability, ensuring that the final product delivered to your clients is of unparalleled quality.

We believe in clear, open communication, ensuring that every team member and client understands the process, progress, and expectations every step of the way.


Every task, every project, and every deadline is owned with a sense of responsibility, fostering a culture where commitments are honored and expectations are met.


We constantly seek out new ways to improve and evolve, ensuring that our solutions are at the forefront of technology and best practices.

Our Values


At the heart of every successful project lies effective communication. We prioritize seamless interaction within teams and with clients, ensuring that every voice is heard and every concern is addressed.

Customer Experience
We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service experience, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed our clients’ needs.
We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, building trust with our clients and within our team through honesty and reliability.

The Symbolism of the COG

The cog, a universal emblem of productivity and interconnectedness, perfectly encapsulates the essence of ProWorkflow. It represents our commitment to ensuring seamless workflow and peak efficiency, mirroring the intricate yet cohesive nature of our software solutions.

Why ProWorkflow?
For professionals seeking the optimal workflow solution, ProWorkflow stands unrivaled. Our platform is designed to empower teams, streamline processes, and enhance productivity, making ProWorkflow the premier choice for those dedicated to excellence.

Meet the Team

At ProWorkflow, we strive to provide the best software for your business so you can do the best work for your clients. Our team is passionate about optimizing workflow for everyone. Join us.
Gopika Dasi
Senior Sales Executive – Team Lead

Gopika has worked in various departments to fully understand the processes of ProWorkflow and has a vast knowledge of the business. With a background in psychology and seven years of experience in sales and customer service, it’s no surprise she loves working with customers from different backgrounds, as she is easily able to build rapport with them and exceed their expectations.

Regan Simons
Head of Architecture

With 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Regan brings a high level of expertise to ProWorkflow. He has been building web applications for more than 20 years and is skilled in a variety of software languages and tools. Regan’s aptitude for strategy and his ability to stay up-to-date with new technologies combine to help customers solve problems faster.

Jonathan Steel
Head of Development
Jonathan has a constructive teamwork style and the ability to adapt his communication style to any situation, whether technical or client-focused. He has 16 years of commercial experience in the website development industry and enjoys the process of generating ideas with the purpose of formulating and implementing solutions.
Max Robinson
Customer Experience Team Lead
As the leader of our Customer Experience team, Max excels in creating a satisfying environment for staff and clients alike. After working in all customer-facing roles within the company, it’s clear he has a great understanding of the services and operations of ProWorkflow. Max places product knowledge at the forefront of service operations and spends his time ensuring that the team provides well-reasoned, creative solutions to all customer requests.
Olena Mykhailenko
Sales Executive
Olena is always ready to share her warmth and hospitality with you. She has extensive experience as an accountant, human resources manager and salesperson. Olena is passionate about helping people find exactly what they need and is always ready to think outside of the box.
Anton Aleksieienko
Customer Experience Specialist
Anton has 10 years of experience in project management, support and customer service. Throughout his years of work, Anton has come to realize that the key to handling a complex project and solving customer problems is to show patience and listen actively. Anton is passionate about providing fast, high-quality support to his clients.
Gau Kurman
Head of Brand and Marketing
Gau Kurman is a seasoned digital marketer with a decade of experience, known for initiating innovative strategies and leading impactful campaigns. With a history of driving brand growth and engagement across diverse industries, Gau’s expertise lies in crafting dynamic digital landscapes and mentoring future marketing leaders.
Vishal Nath
Managing Director
Vishal Nath brings a wealth of senior management and leadership expertise to the ProWorkflow team, underpinned by a rich background in steering SaaS businesses and tech startups towards new horizons of success and innovation.
Dariela Villacreses
Customer Experience Specialist
Dariela has always been passionate about communications, which easily placed her in the world of customer-facing roles. When it comes to the customer experience, one of her favorite parts is tracking customer behaviors and identifying their needs. Dariela loves her day-to-day work of helping customers find solutions to their problems.
Daniel Pisati
UI/UX Specialist
Daniel Pisati, with his unique blend of formal design education and self-taught development skills, excels in creating compelling interfaces and innovative web solutions. His journey from a passionate young artist to a key player in product design and web development exemplifies his dedication to continuous learning and improvement, making him an invaluable asset to PWF team.
Thom Gusterson

Thom joined ProWorkflow as a Junior Developer, bringing with him a diverse background in Business Analysis and Software QA. He leverages his blend of skills to deliver high quality solutions for customers. Self-taught and driven by a passion for technology, he is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement as a programmer.

Jamin Stratford
Full Stack Developer / DevOps

Jamin has a background in working in all parts of software development, and has a great understanding of what makes great software.
With his knowledge and expertise in full stack development, he makes a good contribution to ProWorkflow to help improve and optimise all areas of the product.

Ben Little
Frontend Developer

Ben is a passionate Frontend Developer who brings to life the creative visions of our team through code. Ben specializes in crafting seamless and responsive user interfaces that not only look stunning but also provide intuitive user experiences.

Liam Douglas
Frontend Developer

Liam loves to keep himself busy creating and improving web applications. With an enthusiastic approach to technical challenges and a passion for problem solving, Liam is constantly striving to improve and expand upon the capabilities of ProWorkflow improvement, making him an invaluable asset to PWF team.