*Please note the official release date is the 25th of September.

What’s happening?

In fantastic news, the ‘Recurring Projects’ app is being integrated into our main tool! In even better news, similar functionality has been lent to the Reports tab; saved reports can now be sent to any listed contact on a repeated basis.

What is Recurring Projects?

If you do the same thing for your client and you’re contracted to perform this activity on a repeat basis, Recurring Projects will be an immense help. It will allow you to take an existing project and set it to be recreated on a regular basis. When it is recreated, you’re able to shift the dates forward and reset all the tasks involved so that you always start fresh.

You’re also given a lot of choice in regards to the timing of your schedule. Not only can you select between monthly and weekly settings, you can state a time of day, a specific day of the month, or something more relative like ‘the last day of the month’.

Why use Recurring Projects?

Recurring projects will be an amazing addition to your repertoire if you’re in any industry that necessitates the same work being done on a repeat basis, perhaps across a range of clients. To name a few scenarios:

  1. Accountants: Accountants often have a set list of tasks they perform consistently each month when balancing clients’ books. This feature allows them to schedule these recurring tasks efficiently.
  2. Marketing Agencies: Marketing agencies will generally execute monthly campaigns, including social media, email marketing, and content creation. With this feature, they can easily plan and replicate these campaigns.
  3. Business Consultants: Consultants hold regular strategy meetings, generate reports, or conduct market research for clients on a recurring basis. With scheduled projects, the risk of falling behind on client expectations is dramatically reduced.

What are Scheduled Reports?

Scheduled Reports uses the same scheduling/timing engine, but applies it to our reporting suite. Any saved report can be scheduled to be sent on a certain day & time and on a monthly or weekly basis. And, like Recurring Projects, you can even schedule multiple send events over the course of the week. Once you’ve decided on the wording of the email, as well as who receives it, you can set it and forget it.

Why use Scheduled Reports?

If you’ve enjoyed our reporting system, you’ve undoubtedly got a host of these reports saved, and you may return to read them on a regular basis. Now, you can ensure your reports and insights are sent to you, right before your Tuesday meeting! Not only that, but you can make sure all of your colleagues get their own copy too. All insights will be provided to all appropriate persons, and no additional effort is required beyond the initial set-up.

It also alleviates the need to provide access to client users in some cases. If you’re not quite comfortable with letting a client into your tool, sending them a regular report provides a great middle ground.

The Advanced Plan

One important thing to note is that this feature will only be available on the Advanced Plan. Let us know if you’re curious about upgrading through the chat, or at our inbox.

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