An Update with Guaranteed Approval

It’s always a highlight for our development team when we get to demo new features to customers and everyone loves what they’re seeing.   This update brings a much-demanded feature in the form of Timesheet Approvals! Keep on reading to see just how easy it is to use this game-changing update (and if timesheets aren’t your thing then stick around for the […]

Upcoming Interface Changes

Our developers have been working hard to give ProWorkflow an extra polish to coincide with the release of our new reports features.  We’re really excited for this release but we know that change can be scary so in this post we’re going to outline some of the changes that you’ll see in 2-3 weeks’ time.  If you’d like to try these […]

V8 Update – A splash of color

We’re closing in on the release of our new Reports module and that means our developers have been looking for other ways to improve ProWorkflow!  In this update we’ve included some much-requested tweaks as well as a new feature we’re sure you will love and will use every day!  Categories – Pick a color, any color  Project, General Task & Note […]

Reports Preview Update II

Our last update has barely had time to cool down but this one just couldn’t wait! We’re close to releasing Reports for all customers but if you want to get involved straight away then just get in touch and we’ll set you up with preview access. So what’s new in this update? Excel Exports We […]

Reports Preview & Development Update

We’ve just released the latest preview of our new Reports feature; this brings some great new features that we wanted to share.  Customise & Save your Reports  You can take any of the report templates, change fields & filters and then save it for future use. With the power of our new date pickers you can […]

ProWorkflow improvements! Zapier and Reporting

What have the team at ProWorkflow been improving? With a New Year firmly underway we wanted to let you, our customers know what the team have been working on. The support team have updated some options in Zapier, the tool which can be used to connect your ProWorkflow account to other software. Our developers have […]

New Mobile Web App!

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of our new project management mobile web app!! This update brings many more ProWorkflow features on your smartphone or and an updated interface that makes it easy to use when you aren’t at your desk. How can we use it? To access the app, open the web browser […]

Burn, the latest Task setting – a hot new feature!

What is being added? Our development team have been working hard on a heavily requested feature – the ability to set and monitor hourly rates for Projects and Tasks. We have calculated burn by taking the set hourly rate and then multiplying this with the time allocated to a task. If you would like to […]

New Email Notifications!

From this Monday – July 18th 2016, the look and information around notifications with ProWorkflow will change! This update is based on customer feedback from those who wanted to be able to make their notifications simpler with options to keep different people up to date. What is changing? We are replacing the “Settings > Email […]

Single Sign On Integrations with ProWorkflow

The dev team have been hard at it again! The integrations just keep flowing from our developers – this time we’re proud to add a pretty exciting extension category added to the tool. If you’re a big fan of Single Sign On, you’ll already know how fantastic the service is, if you’re not a big […]