We’re closing in on the release of our new Reports module and that means our developers have been looking for other ways to improve ProWorkflow! 

In this update we’ve included some much-requested tweaks as well as a new feature we’re sure you will love and will use every day! 

Categories – Pick a color, any color 

Project, General Task & Note categories now support custom colors, choose any color of the rainbow and your Projects, General Tasks and Notes pages will be that much brighter! At a glance you’ll find it easier to tell which of your categories might need some attention. 

All you need to do is go to the Settings Page > Category Editor to change the colors.

Task Templates – Choose your End Date 

Task Templates were already awesome, but they’ve just gained a new superpower! 

Previously you could only pick a start date for your template but now you can choose when you want the tasks to be finished by and we’ll automagically work out when you need to start work!  

Timesheet – Check Billable status 

For those of you who love our drag & drop timesheet, it just got even more helpful. You can now see instantly which of your time records are billable and make sure that your week is going to be a profitable one. 

Project Details – View Task Completed Date 

It’s a small change but one we know you’ve been asking for, you’re now able to check the Completed date for Tasks direct from the Project Details page, think of the clicks you’ll save! 

Minor Tweaks 

We also made time for a few small adjustments & fixes: Added a confirmation prompt when closing the Add/Edit Quote & Invoice modal 

  1. Improved scroll behaviour in the Add/Edit Tasks modal 
  2. Refined email validation behaviour 
  3. Fix staff names in the Time Summary section on the Project Details Page 
  4. Persist search when moving between weeks on the Timesheet Page 
  5. Mark tasks as complete when a Project is completed from the Edit Project modal 
  6. Added a “My Work” option in the View Work feature for improved ease of use 

What’s coming next? 

We’ll have an update on reports very soon and there are whispers of even more exciting changes coming in the next few weeks!