Our developers have been working hard to give ProWorkflow an extra polish to coincide with the release of our new reports features. 

We’re really excited for this release but we know that change can be scary so in this post we’re going to outline some of the changes that you’ll see in 2-3 weeks’ time. 

If you’d like to try these changes sooner, then we’re always looking for customers to help us beta test upcoming features. 

A lighter touch 

Almost every page has been freshened up with a cleaner/lighter look that we think you and your team will love. We’ve increased text sizes in most places and given data some more room to breathe. 

More color means more clarity 

In a recent update we added customizable colors for Categories, this release adds that for Contact Tags as well. Even more excitingly, we’ve reworked the Projects and Tasks page so it’s easier to pick out those colors at a glance, so you’ll spend less time scanning lists to find those important projects. 

See your team more often 

If you love your team, this update means you’ll see their happy faces on the Tasks and Project Details page. You can still adjust assigned contacts and if you can’t remember who uses a penguin as their avatar then their name is still just a click away. 

A little more information

You’ll no longer have to wonder when that Task starts, you can see the Start Date directly from the Tasks Page and the Tasks Archive also adds the Completed Date. Projects aren’t left out – Categories are now shown in beautiful technicolor on the Projects Page. 

Simpler Themes 

We’re adding a few new themes as our current Citrus theme is less popular than the grinch at Christmas. We’re also simplifying the process for choosing custom colors, taking the 10+ options down to a much friendlier 3 so you can experiment and find a look you love. 

What’s coming next? 

We’re so close to this release and the new reports features that we’re almost too excited to think about anything else but our developers have additional features already lined up. You’ll be seeing those as soon as September and the releases will keep coming all the way through the rest of 2019.