What have the team at ProWorkflow been improving?

With a New Year firmly underway we wanted to let you, our customers know what the team have been working on.

The support team have updated some options in Zapier, the tool which can be used to connect your ProWorkflow account to other software.

Our developers have updated the back-end of our software in preparation for a reporting upgrade this year.

Zapier Updates

The support team have added some new features to Zapier with the assistance of our CTO, Richard who managed to make some great improvements.

You can now:



Search for companies.

See existing General Tasks and Project categories are now automatically pulled through to the Zap when making a new General Task or Project.

Add additional contacts to tasks and projects without having to replace (as with “Update Project” or “Task”).

Add Shared Project Notes.



Background changes & reporting improvement plans

Our developers have been working on writing the code for a new reporting area.

You won’t have noticed any changes yet, but we have updated some of our software to allow data to be managed using a different method. This has allowed us to do a lot of the preparation for the roll out in advance – as well as our usual testing.

A benefit of this is that we are futureproofing ourselves – these changes will allow us to stay at the leading edge of our industry.

We can’t give you an idea of timeframe at this stage (due to the complexity of the changes being made), but we can tell you that our developers are all working hard and have been making good progress.

When we are ready to release this blog will be updated, so subscribe here if you’d like to be kept up to date.


If you have any questions or run into any problems, let the  ProWorkflow Support Team know and we’ll help from there.