How to manage Scope Creep in Project Management

Scope Creep is the stuff Project Management nightmares are made of. Project Managers don’t like scope creep because it makes the project and everything that goes with it (budget, resources, client expectations, timeline, etc.) utterly unpredictable.  What is Scope Creep?  PMI defines scope creep as ‘Adding additional features or functions of a new product, requirements, or work that is not […]

Seamless Project Management Software with Invoicing

At Proworkflow, when something can save our clients a lot of time (and subsequentially money), we’re interested. Which is exactly why a few years ago, we created a professional and customizable set-up that lets you create invoices in a few seconds.  We thought it was time to provide you with a quick reminder on how easy it is […]

V9 Update -Updating our Update

We did it! As you will have probably noticed, our latest update went live on Monday! We’ve been delighted with all the positive feedback, but there’s always room for improvement. We’ve heard those of you who had suggestions for some further changes as well. The main sticking point for some customers was that the main pages no […]

How to Become the Best IT Project Manager (you can be)

Just scored a new IT Project Manager job? Congratulations! It’s no secret that becoming an IT Project Manager means you have a stressful but rewarding time ahead of you and we have something to say on the topic. As a matter of fact, what we are about to say is so common sense that it almost feels superfluous. But […]

PWF Quick Tip- Help at Your Fingertips

At ProWorkflow we understand that some of our customers love to be hands-on, so with ProWorkflow’s in-app help, you’ll be able to self-serve and access help at any given time! This handy help icon on the top right of your screen is your new best friend! Whenever you have a burning question or run into […]

The New Definition of Sales 2017

How many times do you find yourself ignoring, hanging up or frustrated at the person on the other end of the phone? Most likely you’re tired of hearing a long and rehearsed sales pitch. The truth is, most people have a fear of salesmen or they’re simply not interested in what they have to say. Then we […]

Mastering Time Management

Whether we think about it in a monetary prospect or not, time is valuable to us. If you put it into perspective, how much time do we exhaust on trying to actually manage time? Although this may seem counter-intuitive to spend time in learning how to master time management, the benefits you reap are tremendous. […]

How to Create Pivot Tables?

What is a Pivot Table? Spending too much time analyzing data? PivotTables automatically sort raw data into a table or spreadsheet, displaying the results on a separate table showing the summarized data. PivotTables can save you a lot of time, work and give you insights into your data that you may have missed or is […]