How many times do you find yourself ignoring, hanging up or frustrated at the person on the other end of the phone? Most likely you’re tired of hearing a long and rehearsed sales pitch.

The truth is, most people have a fear of salesmen or they’re simply not interested in what they have to say. Then we ask the question, what is the definition of sales and what does it look like today?

Being Flexible, not Fake

You pick up the phone, and you hear an over enthusiastic sales person, this steers you away from wanting to talk to that person on the other end of the line. When you sound fake, your prospect won’t tell you as much because they aren’t comfortable!

So be flexible, not fake! It’s all about having the ability to adjust your personality to match the demands of the particular customer. This means to blend your personality with the call and to adjust your pace, tone, and speed with your prospect.

It’s not about forcing your personality.

Not Selling, but Educating

Any product or service we sell has a purpose, whether the purpose is to communicate, entertain or solve an issue, there is a purpose and too often we are selling the product purely to make the sale.

Instead of being the hunter, become the farmer and plant seeds. Form a bond and build trust with your customers. Pitching doesn’t work anymore because no one wants to listen to features, so instead you want to sell to value.

Fitting the Customer like a Jigsaw Puzzle

You have to stop making sales that don’t fit! Instead, focus on figuring out if the product/service works for the prospect or not. Imagine it like a jigsaw puzzle, if you persist to fit the wrong piece of the puzzle in the gap you either destroy the piece of the puzzle or it only temporarily stays there.

So instead, work on generating a sticky sale. Here are two perspectives to illustrate why:

Business perspective: Sticky sales helps the client to continue using your product/service in the long run because it genuinely benefits them.

Your Customer: If they find something that they can stick with that works for them, they are unlikely to cancel or change. We’re all humans at the end of the day and the time and effort to change aren’t worth it.

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