We did it!

As you will have probably noticed, our latest update went live on Monday! We’ve been delighted with all the positive feedback, but there’s always room for improvement. We’ve heard those of you who had suggestions for some further changes as well.

The main sticking point for some customers was that the main pages no longer wrapped long fields onto multiple rows. That meant if you had long task names then they weren’t always fully visible and we could see why that’s annoying!

So… in an update yesterday we’ve added two new features that should get you back to the smooth workflow you’re used to:

That’s a wrap (or not)!

Every user can now choose whether they want long fields to wrap, just click your name to access the Profile modal and choose the option that works best for you.

Column Customization

We’d had this improvement on our roadmap already, but we bumped it forward to help customers on smaller displays. But to be fair,  it’s not just for them. This feature will also be a great way to hide data you’re not interested in. 

Don’t track time? Don’t assign priorities? No problem, now you can turn those columns off and make more room for everything else!

At the moment, this is only available on the Projects and Tasks pages but we’re bringing it soon to the Project Details Page and Quotes & Invoices.

We’re always listening

Bottom line…

We try to get things right the first time around and frankly we think the recent update is pretty darn fantastic (And it sounds like you are on the same page!) but we want to thank those customers who got in touch and helped us make it even better too!

Please keep the feedback coming and keep your eyes out for more improvements over the coming weeks. We’re on a roll!