At Proworkflow, when something can save our clients a lot of time (and subsequentially money), we’re interested. Which is exactly why a few years ago, we created a professional and customizable set-up that lets you create invoices in a few seconds. 

We thought it was time to provide you with a quick reminder on how easy it is to create an invoice in Proworkflow, but also how you can customize invoices in the way they work for your business.  

The best thing about invoicing in Proworkflow? It works seamlessly, and you get paid faster!

Creating an Invoice is Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1.  To create a new invoice in ProWorkflow, you click the green ‘+’ icon under the navigation bar. Choose ‘Invoice’.
  2.  This lets you decide how you want to create the Invoice.  To save time, you may prefer to do this from a quote that was created earlier. Creating an invoice from a project allows you to automatically bring through tasks, time, and expenses. And when invoicing from a client, you can include tasks, time, and expenses from multiple projects. You can further narrow down your options by client or by project with the drop-down in the top corner.  Click ‘Next’. 
  3.  If you are creating an invoice from a project or for a client, you can enter a date range. You also have the option to include the time that was tracked in your invoice and you can decide whether the project should be marked as invoiced or not. 
  4. After clicking ‘Create Invoice’, you are looking at the main Invoice interface. Depending on your chosen options, any items from your quote or the tasks, time and expenses from your project will be automatically transferred into the invoice. You can alter this later if that is what you want. The same applies to the client details and default invoice setting.  You can also add an Invoice Template (including any line items associated with that template).
  5. At this stage, you can adjust any details you like. This includes client details, invoice number, due date, payment terms, cost, tax rate or the footer.  The list goes on. You can also edit any invoice items either manually or from the existing library. Delete any items or add items as you see fit.  And finally, drag and drop any headings or line items to the appropriate location. 
  6. Include a discount calculated as a dollar value or a percentage if appropriate. 
  7. Create the Invoice and send it straight to your client or open it as pdf. 

project management software with invoicing by proworkflow

Invoice Settings and Integrations that Work for you

We mentioned the ‘Invoice Settings’ earlier. This is where you can upload your logo, change your display, customize your default settings (such as the payment terms) and personalize email settings. You can easily set up a library of fixed cost items and create Invoice templates to help you save even more time. 

You will be very happy to hear that ProWorkflow Invoices integrate seamlessly with many accounting software such as Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, KashFlow, and FreshBooks

Invoice Reports to Keep an Overview

And on a final note, it’s very easy to get an Overview of Invoices per client or project. Or you may want to have a look at the invoices that remain unpaid and need some chasing up? 

A Few Bonus Tips 

As always, let us know if we can help you with any questions you may have.