ProWorkflow Pro Tip- How to make Optimal Use of the Task Management System?

When it comes to Task Management Systems and ProWorkflow, there is a lot to be said. Depending on how you run your business , you have lots of options to manage Tasks in ProWorkflow.  That’s because different businesses  have different needs and what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for the business down the road. The more efficient you can manage Tasks, the more the […]

V8 Update – A splash of color

We’re closing in on the release of our new Reports module and that means our developers have been looking for other ways to improve ProWorkflow!  In this update we’ve included some much-requested tweaks as well as a new feature we’re sure you will love and will use every day!  Categories – Pick a color, any color  Project, General Task & Note […]

New Maintenance Page!

We have found over the years that some accounts get a little out of control due to general maintenance. Some examples are forgetting to archive projects, quotes, invoices etc. Many import or add contacts and companies and never do work from them so end up with huge contact lists. As with any online app, the […]

How to Make Recurring Tasks

Recurring task management is a handy addition that can save a lot of time if you have common recurring tasks that would otherwise need to be added manually. For example if a ‘Work In Progress’ meeting is required every week (day, or month) during the life of your project, you can add this as a […]