Working from Home at ProWorkflow-Jono’s Story

We’re a few weeks into the lockdown in New Zealand and in some ways not much has changed for me. I already worked from home 3 days a week, my team is still continuing to develop the product and support our customers just like we always have. However, in other ways, everything has changed, the […]

Working from Home at ProWorkflow-Ashlee’s Story

Just like so many of you, the ProWorkflow Team is currently working from home. And just like for most of you, at times, the transition is an interesting one. We hope Ashlee’s story will put a smile to your face.  5.30am–Silence. 7.30am–Kids wake up.  7.40am–Kids want to help me work.  7.45am–Pass kids to husband.   Thankfully […]

5 Reasons Remote Teams choose ProWorkflow.

I know things seem crazy right now. In fact, things ARE crazy right now. But there will come a time in the near future where things get back to a ‘new normal’.  A normal that will feel as comfortable as before. Restaurants will be full again, Concerts will sell out, and people will visit your company just like […]

How to work productively while being in isolation?

It’s an understatement to say we’re currently living in challenging times with the current COVID-19 outbreak.  Many of us who usually commute to work are now working from home, and it can be quite an adjustment. While most of us are no doubt grateful that we have that possibility in the first place, it also comes with its […]