Just like so many of you, the ProWorkflow Team is currently working from home. And just like for most of you, at times, the transition is an interesting one. We hope Ashlee’s story will put a smile to your face. 


7.30am–Kids wake up. 

7.40am–Kids want to help me work. 

7.45am–Pass kids to husband.  

Thankfully for me, my husband works for a ‘Non-Essential’ Business, so he is at home for the full 4 weeks. His moods can be summed up as: Hungry, Bored, Tired, Hungry, Bored, Tired….

This is the merry-go-round we are currently on with the Covid-19 stage 4 lock down in New Zealand. 

Let’s be honest, I didn’t have wild Saturday nights before the lockdown. As a mum with small children, that is not where my life is at the moment. Currently, though, I feel like I have the weekend on repeat, with everyone at home, but also having the responsibility to look after our Customers and my Team at the same time. 

How does my introverted self keep her head in the game while having the WHOLE family home for the party? 


To-do lists… These have always been a big part of my life, but now more than ever. Without my to-do list the emails to our clients would look like this…

Hi Valued Customer,

Thank you for your message. 

It’s great to hear you’re loving the tool and love how I need to get through those 4 loads of washing, dry and fold them before the sun goes down. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,


Having to-do lists (yes lists) allows me to focus on what needs to be done, professionally and personally. Nothing is missed. Can I say how satisfying is it to cross tasks off!! Maybe it’s just me?


Let’s be honest here, parent to parent (fur parents too): breaks are enforced. Not by ProWorkflow, not by myself, but by those little creatures who constantly hover around me. I’m sure they think the keyboard is some mysterious magical item they must capture and have forever! 

Instead of one big break in the middle of my day, I take several short breaks, for a (cold) coffee, some (stale) toast and most importantly to throw the ball around in the fresh air with my family. 

My kids don’t understand what I’m doing on the computer, or why what I’m doing is important.  So I try to give myself in little doses and be as present as possible.

It’s a strange feeling to be so uncertain, to have your plans thrown off course. It’s odd to be told you can’t go out and play when you’re 28 years old. 

You want to know the most important thing I do each day? I show gratitude, because those tired, bored, hungry little balls of energy are my reason for everything.  Let’s be honest… When all this goes back to normal and they are off on their daily adventures with their friends again,  I’ll miss them. 

Motherhood huh… 

Ashlee is a Team Lead/ Account Manager at ProWorkflow.