What features should the ideal project management tool have?

When it comes to Project Management Tools, there is no lack of choice. Having options is a good thing… until it gets overwhelming. A search on Quora quickly reveals this is exactly the case for Project Management Software. People can see the benefit, but where do you start your search? So many choices! Once the […]

Top 3 Things you want to see on the Dashboard of a Project Management Tool.

Imagine you are a Project Manager and you’re walking in to your office in the morning. After you’ve found your first mug of coffee, you turn on your computer. It’s logical that the first thing you would want to know is: what do I have to do today? You want to know whether your projects are on […]

How to choose the best project management software alternative?

It’s easy enough to convince anybody of the usefulness of a project management software.  Any company -big or small- that deals with even moderately complex projects on a regular basis can see the time and money that can be saved by streamlining the process. We’re not even talking about the reduction in errors (which your customers will love you […]

How can you optimize workflow in a project management tool?

Last week, we posted the following quote on Social Media:  Understand flow and process of your projects to avoid them spinning out of control.  The response was lots of nods of agreement. Clearly, this is something that resonates with our followers. So how does workflow (or ‘flow’ as we called it) relate to good project management? And […]