Project management tools for professional services: What to look for

Whether your team is composed of architects, accountants, engineer, doctors, lawyers, or teachers — or a combination of all of the above — an effective project management tool can mean the difference between smooth, on-budget workflows and chaotic assignment systems that miss deadlines and upset customers. Professional services face unique challenges and demand creative solutions […]

15 top functions of workflow management software to look for in 2021

There are lots of workflow management tools on the market for 2021, with several good options to choose from. What works best for you depends on your team, your goals, and the amount of functionality you need. Here are the top project management tools to look for: Task management: A top workflow management tool should […]

8 Ways Workflow Management Software can Boost Team Productivity!

If you’ve been managing your teams with makeshift, homemade project management systems, upgrading to a professional workflow optimization tool can mean massive gains in efficiency and productivity. And if you are already using workflow management software but stuck in the wrong system, upgrading to a better fit for your team can mean warp-speed job completion […]

Workflow Ideas for Creating a Mobile App

Mobile apps are now easier than ever to make, and there are tons of app-building programs which make the app creation process simple — simple, that is, once you have a vision for the app and have created a methodical workflow to take your app from idea to reality. Creating a workflow before you start […]

What does ROI in Project Management mean?

When people talk about ROI, they generally refer to a monetary comparison between the one investment versus other options.  A simple look at the formula to calculate ROI in Project Management confirms this.  Yet, improved performance and efficiency can translate in a variety of ways that may or may not result in a difference in size of your […]

3 Signs you Should Invest in a Project Management Tool.

If you’re still using email flags to manage your to-do list, then this might be one of the first signs that you and your business needs to invest in a project management tool. If a business is to produce successful projects, reach milestones and achieve the resulting growth, it needs coordination. This same coordination is […]

Birth of an idea! ProWorkflow’s original design sketches!

Looking below it’s amazing to see how far our project management software has come from the original design sketches. Seriously people, these were my original briefs to Alan Barlow (Cofounder) at the time. No huge scoping documents, documentation, peer reviews, industry research, tight visuals or anything! No large teams of usability experts or developers – […]