If you’re still using email flags to manage your to-do list, then this might be one of the first signs that you and your business needs to invest in a project management tool. If a business is to produce successful projects, reach milestones and achieve the resulting growth, it needs coordination. This same coordination is often lost in the absence of a tool project management workflow tool.

Traditional ways of managing projects have their limitations, but it can be difficult to know where you are struggling if your current way of operation is all you know. Here are a few signs to look for that may indicate a PM tool should be on your to-do list.

Your spending half your day listening other people talk about their tasks.

Because of the limited visibility of everyone’s workload across the business; staff is working in silos. The result? Meetings are constantly held to brief one another on the tasks they are working on. This often disrupts actual progress.

Meetings are essential and nothing replaces the human interaction, but what we want is to spend time talking about things the matter. A piece of paper could update you as to what someone is doing with their workday, so why is this taking up all of your time? Wouldn’t you rather spend time having useful conversations, not being talked at or talking at someone else?

Once you implement and invest in a project management tool, this is guaranteed to cut down the number of meetings and stand ups by having access to a platform that offers you full visibility of a roadmap to project completion.

You use a ton of tools.

You have too many tools to count: a separate time tracking tool, multiple spreadsheets, a contacts app, to do lists, the list goes on. And these are only the offline ones! Make managing your projects easier by combining all your required tools into one and introduce a project management tool/software to your business.

Managing your day to day tasks shouldn’t be difficult, and when it comes to a great piece of software, support is just as necessary. By committing to a project management tool like ProWorkflow, you get software support when you run in trouble – by offering online and over the phone service this can help you avoid unnecessary frustration and roadblocks to successful project management.

Project managers have to ask a lot of status-related questions.

Are you constantly checking your staff for updates, or are you continually getting asked by several bosses how a project is tracking? Take the guesswork out for everyone and give yourself and your team some more visibility!

When you have multiple groups working across various projects, it becomes difficult to have clarity over all your tasks and projects, often when companies are scaling this can pile up extremely quick.

With modern project management tools like ProWorkflow, you can view your tasks all on one page and also see what other staff members are working on as well. This comes with the added benefit of being able to track what is nearly due (or is overdue) and marking tasks off when they are completed.

By implementing a project management software, you give yourself the ability to plan and forecast with confidence all while keeping everyone on the same page.

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