Case Study:
ProWorkflow and Delvinia


Delvinia is an online research consulting company that performs market research for a wide range of clients, including banking, health, finance, consumer and B2B interactions. Delvinia started to question the sales-focused software they were previously using when their team noticed the company had plateaued. ProWorkflow helped them improve their business and bring on more projects.

Delvinia Needs

Heightened Efficiency

Versatile Tool for all Departments

Accurate Time Estimation and Tracking

Comprehensive Views

Heightened Efficiency

With everything in one place in ProWorkflow, Delvinia was able to increase the projects their team could comfortably handle per month by 25-30%.

Versatile Tool for all Departments

All Delvinia departments touch on the same projects, so they needed a tool everyone could work with. With a dashboard that is easy to navigate and projects with all the important information, anyone can use ProWorkflow.

Time Estimation and Tracking

AccurateTime Estimation and Tracking

With time tracking directly in the app and reports that are easy to pull, Delvinia is now able to provide accurate estimates and detailed reports to their clients.