Transparency, the latest buzzword for managers and CEO’s over the last few years. This word has had an impact not only managers, but employees and even a roll-on effect onto customers.

But what does transparency really mean?

Detailed reporting, open floor plans, and team messaging? These are only the things we see at the surface; transparency dives into a much deeper level of communication and understanding.


What is Transparency?

The Open Door Policy. This concept defines what transparency is all about.

A communication policy that leaves the office door “open”, not literally, but to encourage openness and clarity with ALL employees.

Transparency encourages everyone to think, ask questions, discuss suggestions and address concerns together. A policy that helps harbor an environment for collaboration across all levels of the business regardless of the level of seniority of the employee.


Eliminate Bad Surprises!

Everyone loves surprises, but not “Hey, I forgot to mention, but the project is due tomorrow”. Your colleagues won’t appreciate it and your customers even less.

Transparency is all about removing hidden agendas or issues, bringing what usually gets swept under the rug to the surface and tackling it as a team.

This breeds a culture that encourages staff to be critical without the fear of being judged negatively.


Build the Power of Trust

Transparency helps breed trust. This ensures that no one is left blind-sided and everyone knows what’s going on.

Trust builds confidence, and when you’re confident you can deliver and execute projects more efficiently. Enabling you to build a stronger relationship with colleagues and customers alike.

When it comes to building a better work culture, transparency has gone from being a buzzword to an essential and should be the foundation of all project collaboration and co-ordination!

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