If Sales is what sparks customer engagement, then Customer Service is the art of nurturing the engagement and maintaining the relationship. In order to create a positive customer experience, knowing how to talk to customers is the first step.

Let’s shed some light on how to foster a positive customer experience.


Be personable

When talking to customers, it is first and foremost an interaction between two people, so be personable, be empathetic, and treat the customer how you would like to be treated. People are more likely to open up if you if they feel like they are talking to a real person as opposed to a bot. In a world where technology is abundant and the information is only a click away, nothing can replace having a real person on the other end helping you out.


There is always an underlying reason behind a Customer’s question or request. If a Customer asks something that seems “outlandish” or may not make sense, it may pay to put on your investigative hat and find out their core concern. By asking “may I ask why you are wanting this?” chances are, there may be another solution that can address their core concern.

Expand on your “No”

When a Customer contacts you, they want something, and the last thing they may want to hear is a plain and simple “no”. Humans are creatures of curiosity, and a “no” leaves us with a feeling of unfinished business and a follow-up question of “why not?”
If you are unable to do something, or if they ask something that can’t be done, then acknowledge their question, explain the reasons behind it, and perhaps show them an alternative if they are interested.

The lasting impression

The last interaction you have with the Customer is just as important as the first, as it’s the final feeling they walk away with. Close the conversation in a way that they feel they had the opportunity to voice their concerns, with a simple question like “Did you have any other questions?”
Going that extra step to check shows that you care, and they can walk away with a good last impression, knowing that they can reach out to you again.


ProWorkflow prides ourselves in our Customer Service and delivering a positive experience. We hope these tips shed some light on how we do Customer Service!

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