The signs a project isn’t going well are unmistakeable. A missed milestone here, a few scope changes there, and before you know it deadline time has arrived without enough significant progress made – and your stress level through the roof as a meeting with your client looms to explain why their project has been delayed.

If this sends tendrils of terrified recognition down your spine then you definitely have been part of a poorly managed project at some point in your career.

People have always struggled with poor project management. All good managers will go in search of an effective solution…. and their search will always lead them to a Gantt Chart.

What is a Gantt chart?

Simply put, a Gantt chart is a way to easily see the stages of a projects schedule in a visual way; aspects of the project that are dependent on each other, deadlines, progress and more, by use of a bar chart.

Henry Gantt, an American engineer and consultant, developed the Gantt chart in the 1910s and his revolutionary idea was quickly implemented in world war one planning.

Initially hand drawn and adjusted, the introduction of computer managed Gantt charts in the 1980s lead to a dramatic increase in usage across all industries. Now Gantt Chart based systems are one of the most widely used scheduling tools for projects today.

Benefits – Where Gantt charts software abilities really shine!


All aspects of a project are located in one place, and can be assessed quickly at a glance.

Vital up to date information including progress, deadlines, next steps, and people involved can be viewed from one chart.


All people involved can track and check off their own progress, eliminating the need for the project manager to be responsible for constantly updating all activity.

Real time up to date progress input by from the whole team at your fingertips!

Time Management

Gantt charts make time scheduling easier for all members of the team. Because everybody has access to the same information they can see when their task needs to be completed byin order to further the project.

Management or the project leader can track daily progress and see where team members might require assistance quickly.

Find out for yourself how much better, smoother and all round less stressful your projects can be with ProWorkflow’s Gantt chart based timeline.

From small to large teams Proworkflow has been providing successful Gantt based project management tools to companies since 2002.

Proworkflow provides:

– A comprehensive overview dashboard.
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– Team collaboration and communication tools.
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– Great 3rd party integration.
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