ProWorkflow and Xero


Xero is an online accounting system that gives you and your advisors easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, reports and GST anytime you need it, anywhere in the world.It includes 24/7 secure online access, automatic bank imports, free automatic upgrades, unlimited users and more.

Invoice Integration

How does Xero integrate?

We designed the Xero Integration to make it simple to get your invoices from ProWorkflow into Xero. You can create your invoices in ProWorkflow based on all your time tracked or by using simple line items – then send the invoices directly to Xero with a click of a button. The status of the invoice in Xero is constantly displayed in ProWorkflow and the invoice is locked until it’s deleted, voided or paid in Xero to ensure consistency in your ProWorkflow account.

With the XERO Connection, you can:

Send invoices from ProWorkflow to Xero with one click

Sync your contacts from ProWorkflow to Xero

Track invoice status in Xero

Xero Connector

Easily integrate with all the tools you’re already using