Today, when you contact Randomosity Records, you can be certain that you will get a prompt reply. Bookings are followed up and projects are finished as planned. The company aims for nothing less than a big thumbs up in anything they take on. That’s thanks to Joel Simpson and his partner Jen Ashley from Randomosity Records. The years and years of experience they have under their belt don’t hurt either. Recently, the introduction of ProWorkflow helped iron out a few planning and coordination bottlenecks they had identified. 

Meet Randomosity Records

Randomosity Records is a small but professional and talented recording company in Downers Grove on the outskirts of Chicago. They offer on-site and mobile recordings and anything that goes with it. This includes mixing and mastering, video production, photography, marketing and music business consulting. Whether you’re dreaming of a first demo, are a professional band needing a live recording or whether you are in the market for a music production for your company. You name it; they do it with dedication and passion. 

Growing Pains 

But juggling a busy schedule of on-site and on-location projects comes with its complexities. With only a small team to manage it all, there are a lot of hats to wear. As Randomosity Records is growing, they are getting involved in bigger projects. “In the 13 years of operating Randomosity, we had been relying on spreadsheets and notebooks. It was becoming clear that we needed to operate on a higher level without the need for extra staff or resources.  So we started the journey of investigating Project Management Software. Jen suggested ProWorkflow”.

How Proworkflow is working for Randomosity Records

For Randomosity, as with so many other companies, cost was a factor. But at the same time, they needed a program that was fairly easy to use and had great support.  

“We signed up at the beginning of 2019 and so far the experience has been an outstanding one. ProWorkflow not only helps us with finishing tasks and projects but also with being more productive and more organized. We have found ProWorkflow to be very useful in discussions on what to prioritize. We even use ProWorkflow to help develop marketing plans. There is so much information that you can get out of the reports. And the ProWorkflow support team is always there when we get stuck.”

Looking at the future

“ProWorkflow has many features and I’m sure we could get even more out of the program. We probably should have a look at the resources that are available or contact the support team. The results for us, however, are undeniable.”

The Randomosity Team were able to execute plans that led to several next level bench-marks. After a review in The Chicago Tribune, invitations to perform at larger festivals started to come in. More tours, more releases are in the pipeline.  Thanks to ProWorkflow they are able to handle all of that with confidence and ease. 

And with Randomosity Records firmly under control, the team has plenty of time and mind space for their successful Folk band called “Asley & Simpson”. This year, their second album charted as high as #30 on the NCAA chart.  Some exciting tours and a new album are also in the pipeline. 

Feeling inspired? 

At ProWorkflow, we really want our clients to get the most out of the features and the options we have available.  Do you feel inspired by the Randomosity Records experience?  

Our friendly support team can show you how to save time and grow your business today. Just book a convenient time for you and we’ll help you with your own ProWorkflow success story. 

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