Previously we talked about how important our workspace environment is and how the smallest things can impact the productivity we have here at ProWorkflow. This week we are continuing with more ways of how we do things at ProWorkflow!


Our office has décor, a lot of décors- and for the right reasons. Whether this is to paint the walls to ensure it is not merely a blank white wall, or if this is having a few plants around the office- small things like this increase productivity by allowing our eyes to focus on something other than the screen. We also encourage our team members to bring something to customize our office; representing yourself as an individual or if it is something that they enjoy doing. Put all of this together, and you get an office that encourages people to come into.

Office space:

The way that the office is set up can also change the way people work. For us, we believe in an open plan office that can encourage discussions, allows us to quickly chip in on ideas if a team member is stuck, and overall will enable us to work collaboratively. Nevertheless, small break out rooms is utilized to facilitate different types of work or give some privacy when needed.


This one is simple- celebrate success! Whether this means that we all go out for lunch together, or even if it simply acknowledging that the team is doing well. Motivation is a significant part of keeping your team going and wanting to do more. Recognize achievements and reward your team members- they deserve it, and they will appreciate it in more ways than you think.

Giving back:

Corporate social responsibility is huge nowadays, but for us, it is just human nature to want to help others. For us, whether this is helping out the community by cleaning up rubbish, making lunches for the community, fundraising by running marathons- we do it, and we encourage your company to do so too! It becomes a great excuse to leave the office, and work on something meaningful with fellow other colleagues that you may not often see, or get the opportunity to chat with.



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