Our latest release is now live for all customers, if you missed the preview last week then this post will cover the main changes. If you saw the preview then you’re all set to dive in and start playing with the new features and enjoying our cleaner look.

Richard, our product lead, recorded a short video walkthrough last week and it’s aged like a fine wine so check it out if you haven’t already!

If you prefer to read about the changes then we’ve got you covered!

It’s Everyone’s Time

In this release we’ve update the Time Spent value so that it will always show the total time tracked by all of your team regardless of your View Work setting.

We’ve made this change so that Time Allocated and Time Spent follow the same rules. This should make it easier for your team members to know how much time is left for them to get that Task or Project completed.

If you need to see Time Spent for individual users then you can run the Detailed Project Report from the Project Details page or hop into our Reports page and we have a range of filters to ensure you can get the data you need.

Cleaner & Clearer

Almost every page has received a makeover, we’ve emphasised your data and removed some classic (old!) styles. There are too many improvements to list them all here but look out for simpler task status icons, clearer priority icons in the List views, contact avatars, and lighter input boxes and dropdowns.

Quicker & Slicker

We’ve been tracking down those needless extra clicks and showing them no mercy! Inline editing takes only a single click now and nearly all of the settings pages get drag & drop reordering so no more time wasted entering order numbers manually.

When you’re adding your staff to Tasks or Messages on the Project Details page, it’s now possible to view your entire team without needing to add them to the Project first (we’ll automatically add them to the Project).

Faster Task Master

If you like adding Tasks to your Projects (and who doesn’t?!) then these changes are going to blow your mind!

You can add Tasks directly from the Tasks section in the Project Details page with just one click and if you have to add more than one just hit Enter and keep on adding.

It gets even better though, has someone sent you a list of work? No problem, just paste that list into ProWorkflow and we’ll create those Tasks for you! All of this is available if you need to add Tasks in the middle of your existing Tasks as well.

@Everyone #Excitement

We love this one in our team, it’s now possible to mention someone when you’re sending a message on the Project Details page and we’ll automatically add them to your recipient list.

If you’ve been using Tags (if you haven’t then now’s the perfect time to start!) then you can now include them in a Project or Task message and we’ll automatically add or remove the Tag! It’s as easy as typing # (to add) or ! (to remove) and we’ll show you a list of available Tags to choose from.

Order Order

Hot on the heels of improving Custom Fields, it’s now possible to reorder fields on the Projects Page and Archive so you can put your most important information first.

What’s coming next?

We’re on a roll and we’re not going to stop!

Two Factor Authentication will be coming very soon and we have some huge improvements later this year that will let you track Project & Staff costs and report on profitability – trust us that this will be a game-changer!