Case Study:
ProWorkflow and Brevity


Brevity, a cutting-edge firm dedicated to improving team communication and project efficiency, faced challenges managing multiple projects simultaneously. Their primary goal was to enhance their workflow without sacrificing the quality of their fast-paced, innovative solutions.

Brevity Needs

Heightened Efficiency

Maintain clear and consistent communication

Tracking project progress in real-time

Comprehensive Views


As a company that thrives on clear, concise communication, Brevity needed a project management tool that could keep up with their dynamic environment. Their challenges included:

  • Coordinating tasks across multiple teams
  • Maintaining clear and consistent communication
  • Tracking project progress in real-time


ProWorkflow stood out as the ideal choice for Brevity, offering an array of features tailored to enhance client communication and project oversight:

  • Robust Customer Service Tools: ProWorkflow’s integrated communication features allowed Brevity to maintain transparent and continuous dialogue with clients, ensuring all parties were always aligned.

  • Advanced Task Management: The platform’s task management capabilities enabled precise control over project assignments and deadlines, facilitating better resource allocation and timeline management.

  • Comprehensive Time Tracking: With ProWorkflow’s detailed time tracking, Brevity could efficiently monitor project progress and productivity, ensuring that every minute counted towards meeting client expectations.

  • Real-Time Reporting: Instant access to project reports and analytics allowed Brevity to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing responsiveness and adaptability in a competitive market.

Time Estimation and Tracking


Over a decade of using ProWorkflow, Brevity has not only seen improvements in project management efficiency but also in customer satisfaction:

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: With improved response times and more effective communication, Brevity has consistently exceeded client expectations, leading to increased retention and referral rates.

  • Streamlined Internal Processes: The integration of ProWorkflow into their daily operations has reduced overhead and allowed Brevity to allocate more resources towards innovation and growth.

  • Increased Productivity: The clarity and ease of managing tasks through ProWorkflow have empowered Brevity’s teams to accomplish more in less time, boosting overall productivity.