There usually is no lack of passion for what they do when it comes to the average creative team. 

It’s what binds them. But they equally share some frustrations that seem to come with the industry:  Never ending customer demands, tight-strapped resources, timeframes that are too close for comfort, chaos in the studio that has passed the point of what’s considered endearing, ever changing priorities and communication that may or may not happen. It’s a big buzz-killer if you’re not careful.  

Many creative teams such as Advertising Agencies, Graphic Designers, Print Designers, Architects and Multimedia Studios usually acknowledge that some structure may be called for, but it’s not allowed to smother creativity. Rather it’s meant to support and guide the process while still allowing for the creative juices to flow freely. And that is a delicate act to balance. 

What many of our creative clients are probably unaware off, is that ProWorkflow was born as a project management software designed by creatives for creatives. Things have come a long way since those days, but our dedication to and understanding of what creative agencies need has never abandoned the ProWorkflow team. It’ll be no surprise that a significant proportion of ProWorkflow clients still fall into what’s called the creative industry category. 

Which brings us to the question: What makes a project management software so suitable for creative agencies and how does ProWorkflow meet those needs? 

  1. All info at the blink of an eye: Creatives are typically quite visual. An overload on information is a no-no. There’s no time for sifting through that. Everything needs to be intuitive and reliable. Last year, considerable thought was put into the UI side of the ProWorkflow project management software. The UI is easy on the eye with airy spacing, generous text sizes, simplified headings and plenty of colour. Avatars let you know who’s involved, drag-and-drop features are a favourite. An upgrade of our Gantt chart is only weeks away. 
  2. Keeping time spent on admin as light as possible: Creating efficiency is a lifesaver to the creative mind.  Working tight deadlines, managing info, overseeing tasks and invoicing are just some examples of how ProWorkflow can help without stepping on the creative side of things. Spend time on what matters and you enjoy rather than on the boring but necessary admin side. 
  3.  Keeping all files in a central location: No more desperate last-minute scrambles for lost files. ProWorkflow easily lets you drag-and-drop multiple files onto a Task, right where they are needed. The File Space Manager lets you review and manage all uploaded files. What’s more, chances are you are already using Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, who all easily link to ProWorkflow. We know easy access is important.
  4. Effective time planning: Creative agencies are notorious for being stretched beyond capacity, with burn-out a real danger. Workload planning and time tracking (whether or not that is billed) without the time waste and the drag that accompanies those project management necessities is always on the mind of a team leader managing a creative team.  
  5. Allowing for remote work when the situation calls for it: Many creative teams have at least moments where work happens remotely. As an online tool, Proworkflow works with you, no matter where you are. 
  6. Templates are the ultimate time saver:  Working in the creative industry definitely calls for a certain level of flexibility. But at the same time it’s smart use of time to avoid doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again. This is where templates come in. Proworkflow lets you design the different stages of a project in a template (you create as many templates as you want).  Like a jigsaw puzzle you put your project together with the templates you need while still allowing for the flexibility every project needs. 
  7. You and ProWorkflow both like Adobe Creative Cloud:  Considering we’re addressing Creative Agencies, chances are you regularly use Adobe Creative Cloud. So how valuable is it to be able to track tasks and projects without having to leave your design? ProWorkflow is compatible with InDesign, Photoshop, InCopy and Illustrator thanks to the Adobe Creative Cloud Extension. 
  8. Easy reports from real-time data:  Like any team, there is no getting away from regular reporting and rightly so you just want to make it as accurate, quick and easy as possible. ProWorkflow reports use real-time data for accurate decision making, but they are also very flexible. What works for a building company doesn’t necessarily work for you. So we encourage you to ‘play’ the reports in ‘the tune’ that suits your business. 
  9. Smooth communication:  And last but not least, the time spent answering emails, and attending meetings are ridiculous. As a creative team, you need the fastest means of communication to share ideas, provide feedback, and work together. Use built-in messaging, involve customers and contractors in the process if that’s what you want and set-up and manage tasks from your Outlook account without having to click away. Good communication is extremely important, but it shouldn’t be time consuming.