Fa la la Ha Ha: Project Management Jokes

‘Tis the Season to be jolly, so we thought it was time for a laugh. Here are some funny jokes about project management we came across. We’d love to see your contribution. 

Is Project Management still important?

I didn’t think the day I would question the relevance and importance of project management would come. Yet, it did. The lead up to this existential introspective thinking were two rather innocent messages in my Inbox. Both had my attention.  The first one was a rant blog about how project management is riddled with buzzwords and […]

How to Become the Best IT Project Manager (you can be)

Just scored a new IT Project Manager job? Congratulations! It’s no secret that becoming an IT Project Manager means you have a stressful but rewarding time ahead of you and we have something to say on the topic. As a matter of fact, what we are about to say is so common sense that it almost feels superfluous. But […]

The 5 Key Phases of Project Management

  All client projects go through 5 key phases. How do experienced project managers handle each phase to ensure they are completed without a hitch? 1 – Project Initiation & Definition Lets start at the very beginning. The client has indicated a they have a new requirement needing project planning services, and an initial meeting […]

3 Signs you Should Invest in a Project Management Tool.

If you’re still using email flags to manage your to-do list, then this might be one of the first signs that you and your business needs to invest in a project management tool. If a business is to produce successful projects, reach milestones and achieve the resulting growth, it needs coordination. This same coordination is […]