Roadmaps in project management: Tools you can use

When you are planning a cross-country jaunt, road maps are a critical piece of gear. They show you where you are going, attractions along the way, possible areas of danger, and suggest logical places for a stop or a break. They don’t show every single road, exit, or crossroads you will pass, but they give […]

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Login Process

Online security is becoming ever more important as more of our work moves online. Scammers can use phishing emails and other methods to try and get users’ login credentials and gain access to sensitive data in your ProWorkflow account. Two factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra level of security makes it much harder for someone […]

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Coming to ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is working hard to improve our security procedures for all account plans. This means that after September 20th, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can be added to your account as an extra layer of security at no extra cost. What is 2FA In short, 2FA means that after entering a username and password, you will […]

Custom Fields just got a lot more customizable! 

We’ve had custom fields in our Advanced Plan for a long time, they’ve been a great way to track extra information for your Projects but they were also limited to just a list of options and that meant they didn’t always offer the flexibility customers needed.  In today’s release we’ve given custom fields the freedom they’ve been […]

An Update with Guaranteed Approval

It’s always a highlight for our development team when we get to demo new features to customers and everyone loves what they’re seeing.   This update brings a much-demanded feature in the form of Timesheet Approvals! Keep on reading to see just how easy it is to use this game-changing update (and if timesheets aren’t your thing then stick around for the […]

On the Road to Excellence: a few small Tweaks

You may have heard the saying:  ‘Excellence is not a destination. It’s a continuous journey that never ends’.  As you probably know by now, we have a strong commitment to continuously improve our Project management software. Sometimes with leaps and bounds forward, sometimes with a bit of love and attention in just the right spots.  You may have noticed […]

Little ProWorkflow tweaks to make your life a little better

If you have been a ProWorkflow client for a while, you know we welcome your feedback and request for improvements. We’ve definitely been busy in the last few weeks, and we’re not about to stop anytime soon. It hasn’t been long since we introduced the new Detailed Project Report to send to your clients or customers. But we have […]

An abundance of options: The New Projects Board

Lovers of Kanban, Agile, and all things Trello-esque are in for a Top-Day because we just released a new Projects Board that will be right up your alley.  It’s a prelude to the even more exciting ProWorkflow Task Kanban that will see the light of day in a few months.  In the meantime, we’re testing the waters […]

The New Detailed Project Report is made to be seen

I’m probably not disclosing a secret when I say that the ProWorkflow Detailed Project Report is one of our more used reports.  It’s especially popular to update or summarize in detail to customers or clients on a single project.   Because of customer involvement, it needs to not only cover all the necessary information, but it also has to be […]