We’ve had custom fields in our Advanced Plan for a long time, they’ve been a great way to track extra information for your Projects but they were also limited to just a list of options and that meant they didn’t always offer the flexibility customers needed. 

In today’s release we’ve given custom fields the freedom they’ve been longing for! 

New Field Types 

Let’s take a look at the new field types that you can use, if you can’t find the one you need then let us know as we’re planning to keep adding more! 


In need of something simple to track whether something is On/Off or Yes/No? Then the trusty checkbox has your back, it’s super easy to toggle as well, just double-click and you’re done. 

Custom Fields - Checkbox





The possibilities are endless but with the new date option your Project won’t need to be, you can track installation dates, customer reviews or perhaps track your original due date so you can report on it later. 

Custom Fields - Date 










Okay, you got us, this one isn’t new but we know many of you love this so we didn’t want to miss it out. It’s perfect when you know which options are available and want to limit what your team can pick. 

Custom Fields - Drop Down 









Pick a number, any number! 

Custom Fields - Number




Track completion percentages, the likelihood of converting a lead or anything else where you need to know how close you are to a milestone. 

Custom Fields - Percentage 




Assign risk levels or rank any aspect of your Project, with an intuitive star interface you can spot relevant Projects easily. 

Custom Fields - Rating





This is a favorite of ours, if you need to track project roles then this is the custom field you’ve been waiting for! 

Custom Fields - Staff 




If you need to track codes or IP addresses then the text field is made for you! 

Custom Fields - Text 



Custom Fields on the Projects Page & Archive  

Custom fields used to be available only on the Project Details page but they’re keen to be seen so you can now choose to show them on your Projects Page & Archive as well. They’re fully sortable and you can edit them with a quick double-click! 

Custom Fields - Project Page


Custom Fields in Reports 

Custom fields are available to add as columns in any report that features Projects including all exports. At the moment, only dropdown fields are available as filters but we’re working on adding support for the other field types so keep an eye on the blog for that update!  


What’s coming next? 

We’ve got a major release planned for mid-late August, this will freshen up many pages in ProWorkflow with a more modern feel. It’s also bringing some great quality of life improvements aimed at speeding up Task creation.  

It will also lay the path for another huge update in September that will bring pay rates and profitability reporting to ProWorkflow!