If you have been a ProWorkflow client for a while, you know we welcome your feedback and request for improvements. We’ve definitely been busy in the last few weeks, and we’re not about to stop anytime soon.

It hasn’t been long since we introduced the new Detailed Project Report to send to your clients or customers. But we have been tweaking a few things on some other Reports as well. 

All Reports involving Tasks

After we did the major overhaul of our Reports last year, one of your requests was to make a better visual differentiation between the different types of tasks in Reports. So, from now on, it’ll be very easy for you to see what is a Heading Task (that is now shown in a grey background), what is a Bold Task (that is now… bold) and what is a Normal Task. 

Summary Projects, Task and Time Report

Many of our clients told us the Summary of Projects, Task and Time Report is one of their go-to reports, but they don’t necessarily want the Time information included. So, we’ve added a time toggle in the layout sidebar of the report. In just a quick click of the button, the Summary of Projects, Task and Time, becomes a Summary of Projects and Tasks Report. 

So let us know what your thoughts are on these improvements. We have more special surprises for you in store in the next few weeks and months. Watch this space!