Why the Critical Path in your Project Management Software is important.

One of the less discussed features in a good project managers arsenal is the ‘Critical Path’ of a Project. That’s probably because we don’t tend to spend too much time calculating the critical path by hand but rather we consult it as a part of the Gantt Chart in our Project Management Software. It doesn’t make it any less […]

Why your Project Management Software Calendar is better

As a Project Manager, having a busy schedule is about as certain as it gets.  To keep on top of all the site visits, staff meetings, client emails and tasks that need to be done, an intuitive and visual calendar is a non-negotiable.  A traditional calendar is perfect as a straightforward day planner, but it’s terrible for planning and visualizing what’s […]

Seamless Project Management Software with Invoicing

At Proworkflow, when something can save our clients a lot of time (and subsequentially money), we’re interested. Which is exactly why a few years ago, we created a professional and customizable set-up that lets you create invoices in a few seconds.  We thought it was time to provide you with a quick reminder on how easy it is […]

ProWorkflow Pro Tip- How to make Optimal Use of the Task Management System?

When it comes to Task Management Systems and ProWorkflow, there is a lot to be said. Depending on how you run your business , you have lots of options to manage Tasks in ProWorkflow.  That’s because different businesses  have different needs and what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for the business down the road. The more efficient you can manage Tasks, the more the […]

Sharing the Simple Joys of Drag and Drop Project Management

If you’re anything like me, your heart skips a beat when software makes the most of ‘Drag and Drop’ features. I mean, what’s easier than ‘grabbing’ what you need and ‘dropping’ it where you want it. Job done.  I originally was introduced to the drag and drop concept by Apple quite some time ago. They called it the ‘Click and […]

How to choose the best project management software alternative?

It’s easy enough to convince anybody of the usefulness of a project management software.  Any company -big or small- that deals with even moderately complex projects on a regular basis can see the time and money that can be saved by streamlining the process. We’re not even talking about the reduction in errors (which your customers will love you […]

5 Proven Ways to Cope with Change in the Workplace

Change is part of life.  We all know this, yet most of us strongly resist change. I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks that everything seems to be changing even at a faster rate these days. Everything is transient and businesses are not spared from the topsy-turvy effect change has on our daily lives.