A question we get asked frequently is if we offer our product in other languages. 

It’s an option that we don’t offer at this stage, but we can point you toward a solution that will help you out for the time being. Using translation services, you’ll be able to make ProWorkflow work for you in the language that suits your business best.

Googles browser service, Chrome, is one of the most widely used services on the market. As it’s a Google product, it offers built-in integration with Google Translate, which also happens to be one of the better ‘cover-all’ translation services on offer. Therefore, this process is easiest with Chrome, but you’re able to set up Google Translate (and other translation services) into other browsing services, like Firefox and Safari too.

If you aren’t automatically prompted upon logging in, just right-click anywhere on the page, and one of the options presented is Translate:

From here, you need to select your preferred language, and you’ll see a result similar to the following:

Let us know if you need any assistance with the above process. We’re always happy to help out.