More Tricks, Fewer Clicks

As we look forward to moving into Level 1 in New Zealand, we’re all reflecting on the changes we had to make during lockdown. Whilst it was hard to be abruptly taken out of our usual routines, we all enjoyed the extra time with family and many of us want to hold on to that even […]

How to manage Scope Creep in Project Management

Scope Creep is the stuff Project Management nightmares are made of. Project Managers don’t like scope creep because it makes the project and everything that goes with it (budget, resources, client expectations, timeline, etc.) utterly unpredictable.  What is Scope Creep?  PMI defines scope creep as ‘Adding additional features or functions of a new product, requirements, or work that is not […]

Seamless Project Management Software with Invoicing

At Proworkflow, when something can save our clients a lot of time (and subsequentially money), we’re interested. Which is exactly why a few years ago, we created a professional and customizable set-up that lets you create invoices in a few seconds.  We thought it was time to provide you with a quick reminder on how easy it is […]