As we look forward to moving into Level 1 in New Zealand, we’re all reflecting on the changes we had to make during lockdown. Whilst it was hard to be abruptly taken out of our usual routines, we all enjoyed the extra time with family and many of us want to hold on to that even as restrictions are lifted. 

So in this minor release we’ve tweaked some existing features and added a couple that are all about saving you time and clicks.  

Quick Task Part II 

This feature made its debut in the recently added task board view and now it’s available on the list view as well. We’ve been loving using this internally during testing and we’re sure you will too! 

Task Reordering 

You’ll no longer need to use the Add/Edit Tasks modal to shuffle your tasks around, you can now do this directly from the list view. Tasks can be moved up/down and you can also use the arrows to convert tasks to sub-tasks or vice-versa. 

Projects Page Options 

Just two minor changes here to free up a little space, the “Show Time Spent” option has been merged into the Columns feature and we’ve changed the Grouping feature so it’s clearer what it does. 

What’s coming next? 

We’ve got two more releases planned for June, the first will make some improvements to reporting features, particularly the addition of Tag filtering which we know you’re waiting for. The second release is a humdinger, we’ll share more details very soon but we’re sure you’ll approve!