What features should the ideal project management tool have?

When it comes to Project Management Tools, there is no lack of choice. Having options is a good thing… until it gets overwhelming. A search on Quora quickly reveals this is exactly the case for Project Management Software. People can see the benefit, but where do you start your search? So many choices! Once the […]

How to avoid Task Dependencies from going Wrong in 7 Easy Steps

Benjamin Franklin understood that time is the most precious resource when managing a project. That’s probably because he knows a thing or two about deadlines.  He famously said:   “You may delay, but time will not.”  His project? Get the Declaration of Independence signed before the English set foot on the American shores. If there ever […]

Why the Critical Path in your Project Management Software is important.

One of the less discussed features in a good project managers arsenal is the ‘Critical Path’ of a Project. That’s probably because we don’t tend to spend too much time calculating the critical path by hand but rather we consult it as a part of the Gantt Chart in our Project Management Software. It doesn’t make it any less […]

Why we don’t have a formal Gantt chart

As an excellent project management tool, ProWorkflow offers a lot of things. We have a place to manage projects, tasks, contacts, notes. We even offer quoting and invoicing, which is a feature a lot of our clients appreciate.   But one of the notable omissions from our repertoire is a Gantt Chart; an extremely popular graphing tool that displays the […]

ProWorkflow Gantt Chart Timeline – The Easy Project Management Solution

The signs a project isn’t going well are unmistakeable. A missed milestone here, a few scope changes there, and before you know it deadline time has arrived without enough significant progress made – and your stress level through the roof as a meeting with your client looms to explain why their project has been delayed. […]

It’s Show Time! The ProWorkflow Timeline!

Tired of clunky Gantt charts that just don’t cut it? ProWorkflow’s Timeline is a simple and easy to use interactive Gantt chart that’s here to save the day! With the Timeline, you are able to view the entire scope of your Project whilst having the option to re-adjust Dates and Time as your Project progresses. […]