Tired of clunky Gantt charts that just don’t cut it? ProWorkflow’s Timeline is a simple and easy to use interactive Gantt chart that’s here to save the day! With the Timeline, you are able to view the entire scope of your Project whilst having the option to re-adjust Dates and Time as your Project progresses. What more can you ask for? How about Exporting the Timeline and printing it? Yes, absolutely!

Timeline no Edit

The Timeline module is can be found on each and every individual Project Detail page of your existing Projects. The display of Dates and Time on the Timeline Module located on the Project Details page is a direct reflection of the Project itself. Changes made on the Timeline will also immediately affect the Project and Tasks.

Timeline Page

The Timeline can also be found on the Timeline page. The Timeline page is designed to collaborate with Search Filters a selection of Active Projects and have them all displayed next to one another in a comparative manner.


Drag, Multi-select and Export


Clicking and dragging the blocks on the Timeline Gantt chart alters the dates of the Project. You can postpone or advance your Project scope as you please.


Clicking and dragging the edge of the blocks will extend the due date for the Timeline Tasks you have selected.


Hold down the Control (CTRL) key on the keyboard and select the Tasks you would like to alter.


Click Export to download an image file of the Timeline, the image file is perfectly suited for printing.