One more before Christmas

Just when you thought ProWorkflow was finished for the year we managed to squeeze in a couple of extras to help you improve your workflow and make your life easier.  Microsoft SharePoint File Integration  If you use Microsoft Office 365 for Business your folders and files reside on Microsoft  SharePoint. This integration enables you to link your SharePoint site(s) folders with ProWorkflow projects so you have everything at your fingertips. Even folders in Microsoft Teams can […]

A Final Flourish

It’s been quite a year for all of us and here at ProWorkflow we’re looking forward to a bit of R&R over Christmas! But before we do that, we’ve got one last update that we didn’t want to hold back until 2021 so let’s unwrap this early present together!  Collapse Task Sections  This has been a huge hit […]

Something for Everyone!

Hold on tight, there’s a lot to unpack in our latest release so we’re not hanging about, let’s dive in and see what our developers have in store!  Come to the Dark Side  It’s not just for Sith lords, many of you have asked if we can dial the brightness down a bit so we’ve updated the entire […]

Fresher & Faster

Our latest release is now live for all customers, if you missed the preview last week then this post will cover the main changes. If you saw the preview then you’re all set to dive in and start playing with the new features and enjoying our cleaner look. Richard, our product lead, recorded a short […]

Custom Fields just got a lot more customizable! 

We’ve had custom fields in our Advanced Plan for a long time, they’ve been a great way to track extra information for your Projects but they were also limited to just a list of options and that meant they didn’t always offer the flexibility customers needed.  In today’s release we’ve given custom fields the freedom they’ve been […]

Kanban, Scrum, Agile, what’s in a name?

Demands on business has changed a lot. For many of us, gone are the days where the idea of ‘Plan the work, then work the plan’ saw us through.  If you want to build a product that stays in line with customer demands, then you have to rethink how the team responds to customer feedback. That’s why many […]

What features should the ideal project management tool have?

When it comes to Project Management Tools, there is no lack of choice. Having options is a good thing… until it gets overwhelming. A search on Quora quickly reveals this is exactly the case for Project Management Software. People can see the benefit, but where do you start your search? So many choices! Once the […]

How to keep your Client Happy during a Project ?

As a project manager you definitely wear a lot of hats.  As if the daily juggle of keeping your project on target, on budget and on spec isn’t enough, you also have a client to keep in the happy corner. It really doesn’t matter if you tick all the other boxes, if your client doesn’t […]

How to avoid Task Dependencies from going Wrong in 7 Easy Steps

Benjamin Franklin understood that time is the most precious resource when managing a project. That’s probably because he knows a thing or two about deadlines.  He famously said:   “You may delay, but time will not.”  His project? Get the Declaration of Independence signed before the English set foot on the American shores. If there ever […]

How to Start an Overwhelming Project?

Have you ever been asked what your favorite part of being a project manager is? We’re guessing that you’ll answer that no two projects are the same. The people involved in your project change all the time. You constantly learn new things and everything has its ups and downs. I think it’s fair to say that […]