We’ve just released an update to rework how you integrated your ProWorkflow calendar into your usual calendar of choice (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar). Now, you just need to find the link in your account (this process is described below) and add a new calendar from a URL using that link. This will copy all of your relevant start & due dates through to your calendar of choice.

There are two options to synchronize ProWorkflow calendar into your calendar application such as MS Outlook, Google or Apple calendar:


1) Subscribe to assigned Project Tasks via Project Details page

If you are doing this for the first time:

  1. Go to ‘Projects List‘ and select a project.

  2. In Project Details Page, and click the ‘Calendar’ icon to subscribe.

  3. Click the URL link to subscribe (this may automatically open your calendar application) or copy the URL link and add this iCal into your calendar application directly.

  4. You only need to add the URL link into your calendar application once.

    If you need so subscribe to more projects, just click on ‘Calendar’ icon and the project will be updated into your calendar platform.

Note: If you already subscribed to any one of Project iCal and wish to subscribe to more projects, you only need to click on the ‘Calendar’ icon for each project.

Here is an example of MS Outlook Calendar subscribed to project/s:

You can see the project start date and due and the tasks assigned under your name.


2) Subscribe to Events and General Tasks via Calendar Page



  • After you’ve clicked Subscribe, you’ll see two subscription options:

    Events” or “General Tasks”.

  • Set ‘Events’ and/or ‘General Tasks’ to Subscribed, like below. Then copy the URL and paste it into your chosen calendar application.