Sharing the Simple Joys of Drag and Drop Project Management

If you’re anything like me, your heart skips a beat when software makes the most of ‘Drag and Drop’ features. I mean, what’s easier than ‘grabbing’ what you need and ‘dropping’ it where you want it. Job done.  I originally was introduced to the drag and drop concept by Apple quite some time ago. They called it the ‘Click and […]

How can you optimize workflow in a project management tool?

Last week, we posted the following quote on Social Media:  Understand flow and process of your projects to avoid them spinning out of control.  The response was lots of nods of agreement. Clearly, this is something that resonates with our followers. So how does workflow (or ‘flow’ as we called it) relate to good project management? And […]

Easy time tracking with ProWorkflow

Tracking Time is not everybody’s favorite part of the job. If not done well, it can be rather inconvenient. It can be time consuming and people might feel like Big Brother is watching them. Not good on either accounts. But it doesn’t have to be such an inconvenience if it’s done well. The key is to do it for […]