In a world that is increasingly competitive, the pressure is on for businesses. 

Unless you run a highly automated business or you operate a one-man band, the way your team interacts with each other is rather important. A team that combines forces on a high level is a certain ticket to success. 

So how do you get the most out of your team? 

At least a good part of the answer is collaboration. 

1.     The value of staff retention

In the same way that people work on a much higher level after they have been in the job for a while, is a team that has been working together for a while a lot more efficient. This doesn’t mean that people should remain in the same job for an eternity. It means that there is a cost to a high staff turn-over that should not be underestimated. 

When you have been part of a team for a while, you know who is the best person to assign to a certain task, what is the best way to contact a certain person to get a prompt response, whose judgement is invaluable in a certain situation, etc. 

Teams that have been working together for a while become well-oiled machines. Ultimately, your team is your greatest resource. At least, if you get them all on the same page. 

2.     Team building is not a luxury

Which brings us to our second point: Team building. 

While we often view this as a frivolity, it doesn’t need to be an expensive or artificial exercise. It is however an important one. A team that works together as one can achieve anything. 

So how can team-building contribute to a team that works to its highest potential? It’s about defining a shared goal. It’s about trust and respect. And it’s also about supporting each other. None of that comes without spending some good times together. 

In one company I used to work for, they recently introduced Belbin profiles. The good thing about this is that it gets a team to realize that we all brings different things to the table and that’s a great thing. The team did some work around how to be aware of everybody’s qualities and to work towards those strengths. It did amazing things for the team spirit. 

But that’s only part of it. Mixing business with the occasional moment of fun is definitely a good idea as long as there is a healthy balance. 

3.     Optimize communication

The days of communication limited to email are long gone. There is still a lot of merit in emailing, but teams that communicate on a high level no longer just operate from a desktop. 

I once had a colleague who on the very first day of his employment asked every single one of his colleagues how they preferred to communicate. We all have a favorite way of being contacted, and it’s the best way to make sure people stay up to date, but also to get the fastest response possible. 

But good communication goes beyond that. It also means being aware that people don’t necessary remember what you told them a week ago. It may feel like over-communicating, but sending out reminders or follow-ups is often a good idea. 

4.     Introduce a project management collaboration tool

One of the easiest ways to improve efficiency and productivity is the introduction of a collaboration tool. A good collaboration tool can save a business thousands and thousands of dollars.  It’s a very efficient way to keep everybody in the loop, share information and keep all the noses pointed in the same direction. 

Businesses realize this, and it’ll be no surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular. 

A good collaboration tool definitely includes a communication layer, but good collaboration is about more than good communication. 

It’s about sharing responsibilities and being clear about who is responsible for what. And of course there is the layer of keeping track of objectives and following up on progress. 

A good collaboration tool will cover all these layers in an easy-to-use manner. 

As a logical result, this brings you in the territory of project management tools with integrated collaboration tools.

How can ProWorkflow help you collaborate with your team? 

Like any good Project Management Tool, ProWorkflow works best when you collaborate with your team. 

Many Teams like to use the messages and notifications to collaborate on Tasks and Projects. Because you can also upload files in the message area, it keeps every detail central and easily accessible. 

Did you know the messages integrate with your existing email? 

Recently, we added the possibility to email Reports, enabling straightforward collaboration on a more bird’s-eye level. 

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We love helping out!