Case Study: ProWorkflow with DBJ Furniture

Case Study:ProWorkflow and DBJ Furniture DBJ Furniture DBJ Furniture, renowned for its exquisite custom cabinetry and innovative designs, has carved a niche in the luxury residential and commercial markets. With a reputation built on precision, craftsmanship, and a collaborative approach, DBJ faced the challenge of managing multiple, complex construction projects simultaneously without compromising on their hallmark […]

What is work management and does my company need it?

Work management is gaining traction in the business world as leaders look to create more efficient and holistic approaches to project management. If you are looking to accomplish tasks faster, with less stress, and with greater accuracy, work management is not necessarily better than project management, but does entail a different set of tools for […]

Looking over the fence: Randomosity Records case study

Today, when you contact Randomosity Records, you can be certain that you will get a prompt reply. Bookings are followed up and projects are finished as planned. The company aims for nothing less than a big thumbs up in anything they take on. That’s thanks to Joel Simpson and his partner Jen Ashley from Randomosity Records. The years and years […]

Looking over the fence: Planmark Design Studio architectural case study

When it comes to running a business, we all face our daily doubts and challenges. One way we deal with this is by looking at our peers. How do they deal with identical issues? What solutions have worked well for them?   I mean, there is so much we can learn from each other, so what […]